Château du Seuil vineyard spans 62 hectares, from the Puyricard plateau at an altitude of 315 m, up to the top of the Trévaresse hillsides at 450 m. It enjoys a lot of sun; the climate is warm and dry with cool nights due to the altitude and the surrounding woods. The frequent Mistral wind reduces the risk of diseases. Today, the vineyard is entirely managed according to organic agriculture and was certified in 2019.


The terroir is mainly composed of clay-limestone soil that is rich in organic matter. Several subsets offer different potential depending on the nature of the soil and the orientation.

Tournefort to the north, close to the Trévaresse summit at an altitude of 430 m. The soil is composed of shallow lacustrine calcareous deposits where the vines can grow roots up to 1.50 m deep, which is favourable to white wines, with cool nights.
Victor, which faces south-west at an altitude of approximately 400 m. Clay-limestone soil with low yield red earth, favourable to the production of red wines for keeping.
The hillsides at the foot of Trévaresse at an altitude between 360 and 380 m. Here, the soil is rich in organic matter which enables deep roots and is favourable to the production of rosé and white wines.
On the plateau, at an altitude of approximately 315 m, rich ‘leopard’ silt soil favourable to white and rosé wines, alternates with limestone gravel and sand soil which is favourable to the production of beautiful red wines.


The wine cellar was opened for the 2016 grape picking. It is built on the Trévaresse hillside, making it possible to have vatting facilities with two levels:
A mezzanine where the grapes are brought in.

And the ground floor where the vats are installed: concrete vats are used for the red wine and stainless-steel vats for the rosé and white wines.

The grapes are poured into the vats or presses using gravity, thus avoiding any handling of the fruit and any squashing of the skins, pulps and pips; a process that contributes to the quality of the wine. After vinification, the wines that will be used in the Château Grand Seuil range, except the rosé, are stored in the cask cellar or oak tun where they will age for up to 18 months.



Our wines are the result of blends using the main varietals in the region: Grenache black, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache white, Sauvignon white, Ugni white, Rolle, Caladoc.