Bought in 2014 by the Daussun family, Domaine du Seuil, a winemaking Domaine in Aix-en-Provence, has undergone significant work to restore its splendour to this unique site in Provence and produce excellent wines. The first task was to restructure the vineyard and convert it to organic agriculture, whilst also setting up modern winemaking facilities with a gravity system and creating a welcoming wine cellar shop. The second stage, which is ongoing, concerns the Château, one of the oldest in the Pays d’Aix region. The work will restore the building to its former glory and add a touch of originality.


Château du Seuil bears witness to the fascinating architectural evolution in the Aix en-Provence region. From a simple seigneurial farm before the 15th century, in the mid-17th century it became a summer residence for the Michaelis family, a family of rich merchants who were counsellors to the king of Provence, members of the parliament of Provence. The family also held administrative and military offices and were made nobles by Louis XIV.

The main building was completed around that period, joining the two wings with a classical façade boasting the symbols of power: superbly ornate door with pediment boasting the family coat of arms, majestic courtyard decorated with two lions and earth globes.

It is also at that time that the gardens and adjoining park were created.

They have the features of French gardens which were popular in the 18th century in the Bastides of the Aix region: groves, flower beds with geometric designs, water fountains, leading on to a wood traversed by a bridle path. The Château and its gardens are now classified on the French supplementary historic monument list.