Our Domain

A Provence château surrounded by vineyards
against a woodland backdrop. 

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The 300 hectare domain, which spreads over the top of the Trévaresse slopes, has a magnificent view that spans from the Sainte Victoire in the east to the Mediterranean in the south west.

Today, the domain focuses on developing its 62 hectare vineyard which is entirely covered by the Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence designation, as well as its small, Provence-quality olive oil production.

Located in the Puyricard territory, today the Château de Seuil develops wines that have a unique character and are among the best wines of Provence.

The woods surrounding the Château du Seuil and its vineyards offer a biodiversity reserve and a preserved, natural and relaxing setting for visitors, who will be surprised to see deer, partridges, hares or...wild boar, including the opportunity to pick wild thyme.

Travelled since ancient times by Greek, Roman and Gallic merchants, today the dirt roads of the Trévaresse are open to walkers who love nature and silence that is only broken by birdsong. ld thyme. 

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